December 25, 2018

Summer 2018 at Cube Group

Art on Display

Spring has departed, and Summer has arrived. For this season’s exhibition of office art at the Cube Group, we have brought in bright resin abstracts, geometric abstracts, and abstract expressionism from artists Will DickersonTina Alesi and  Nina Ryan.

To purchase any of these pieces, brighten up your home, and support a local, Melbourne artist, email with the name of the artwork.

Will Dickerson

Self taught artist Will Dickerson has practiced art for 20 years, with his works on display around the world from Australia to the UK. He paints primarily with oil on canvas, focusing intensely on bold colours, created precisely.

All Out

Oil on Canvas

60h x 75w cm


Oil on Canvas

84h x 122w cm

$630 each

Mood Indigo

For Dickerson, if this artwork could be something else, it would be a detective novel. The bright colours act like spotlights against a dark backdrop.

Initially, Dickerson intended for the background to be white, but decided on indigo to really make the other colours pop.

Taking Flight

Creating this artwork represented a new learning experience for Dickerson. Whereas his other works are typically precise and clean, he wanted to experiment with more organic movements. In particular, he wanted to represent the conflict between the two seen here. The precision in the lines was difficult and time consuming, but Dickerson found it absorbing and worth the effort in the end.

Tina Alesi

Untitled 1

Untitled 2

Acrylic and pouring medium on wood

100h x 100w cm

$1,800 each

Nina Ryan

As with many of Ryan’s abstract artworks, Moving On relies heavily on the viewer linking with their subconscious and emotions. The title Moving On is a reference to the passage of time and how our lives are shaped by our experiences. The elements of the painting (line, colour, shapes, etc) act on our emotions to bring a personal response to the artwork.

Oil on canvas

110h x 98w cm


For any sales enquiries for the pieces above, please email

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