So here we are in Brisbane, settling into the classroom at Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove campus. Can’t quite believe we’re here! We hadn’t thought at the start of 2019 that we’d be up in Brisbane, working alongside a diverse cohort of incredibly talented and experienced founders from across Australia, all of whom understand the importance of embracing creativity as part of our purpose.

QUT ColourSpace Collider

So what is this program? Well the Collider Accelerator is an intensive three-month program in Brisbane. The program is designed and delivered by Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA) that has been developing creative tech ventures for over a decade. Collider help founders take a concept and turn it into a thriving global venture, and they’ve accelerated creative tech across all sectors: fashion, music, design, digital media, gaming, marketing and immersive technologies. With Collider program, startups will achieve 12 months of progress in 12 weeks.

For the 2019 Program, 9 startups (including us!) have been selected and mentored by industry-leading entrepreneurs and start-up specialists. We each receive $30,000 in pre-seed funding and spend a week immersed in Thailand’s world-renowned start-up ecosystem. 

ColourSpace Collider Accelerator Startups 2019

Thank you Collider Accelerator for for having us and greetings to all the startups we’re about to get to know better during the program:

  • AirSyne - a location-based messaging app that allows the user to create, place and see messages ‘in the air’ via augmented reality.
  • - a platform specialising in algorithms for eSports analysis (specifically League of Legends) to help gamers use data to play better games.
  • Anti Ordinary - a beanie that’s as safe as a helmet, using unique layering technology to make flexible head protection.
  • Cardly - an online platform that allows people to digitally create and send “handwritten” greeting cards, bringing a personal touch in an increasingly digital world.
  • Master Your Video - a community-driven initiative that help professionals become better video communicators and storytellers.
  • Shotstack - a cloud-based video editing platform with built-in transitions, effects, filters and titles to help massively automate the creation of video content.
  • Umelore - online marketplace that allows users to browse, buy and apply for the reproduction and licensing rights of indigenous Australian artworks and products.
  • WhatPods - social network for podcast hosts and a community of 100 million monthly podcast listeners.

Over the course of the coming months, we’ll also share our journey and what we’ve learnt through the program.