Your wedding is a special day. It deserves to be unique, one of a kind, exceptional.

Let us help you create an unforgettable experience infused with art.

ColourSpace Live Art Weddings

ColourSpace doesn’t just bring decorations to weddings.

Our network of talented and awe-inspiring artists work with you to create custom art-inspired elements to suit any occasion, for any budget.

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Live art

ColourSpace - Live Art Weddings - Vanessa Vanderhaven

Capture inspired moments at your next event through the eyes of an artist. Discrete or prominent, one of our talented artists will create art, live in front of guests.


Feature artist: Vanessa Vanderhaven, live at a wedding showcase at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne, creating a custom piece that features the unique settings provided by the Grand Hyatt.

Sculptures and installations

ColourSpace - Ray Besserdin - Paper Sculpture Feature
ColourSpace - Ray Besserdin - Paper Sculpture Crane
ColourSpace - Ray Besserdin - Paper Sculpture Endeavours Hands

From paper sculptures to custom installations, create statement centrepieces that is the epitome of style and prestige.


Featured artist: Ray Besserdin, Australia’s foremost paper sculpture artist. Ray creates immensely detailed sculptures made completely out of paper.

Let your guests be inspired by a custom sculpture centrepiece, with matching settings for your guests to keep as a unique token of your wedding.

Push new frontiers

Events and Functions

Augmented reality, digital projections, and light installations.

Our artists unleash creativity and bring stunning experiences to every aspect of your wedding or event.

With technology, you can bring never before seen experiences to your wedding, from integrated wedding invites that come to life through to interactive elements on the special day, make your wedding unforgettable.


Feature artist: Marc-O-Matic, Creative Technologist, Animator, Director, Storyteller, and all round multidisciplinary artist who works across Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies.

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