Corinne Young

Artist bio

I paint Australian Landscapes with a twist of abstract! I love to paint funky trees because that's how I see them. I never tire of watching their bark change throughout the seasons, the colour change with reflections of light and the various shapes of their limbs. I started to paint later in life after suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury at 52 years of age. Painting initially helped to "unlock" my inner-self, thoughts and feelings that I found hard to express. Through my continued recovery, painting has become a love and passion. Trees for me are very symbolic - even when they lose their bark or leaves and look or feel very different to what they were before, they are still a tree, the same tree! That's what it felt like for me after my injury, I felt like a totally different person, I had to re-learn many basic things in life - but I was still the same person deep inside. My hope is that my art helps others in their healing journey and provides opportunities for connection with others

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