The city is our gallery.

We want to usher in a new age of art appreciation, where we help everyone – not just art lovers – engage with and appreciate art in their own way, wherever they are.

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Winter 2017 at Arrow Digital

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Winter 2017 at The Cluster

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Winter 2017 at Inspire9

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Winter 2017 at Cube Group

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Winter 2017 at The Dream Factory

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What is ColourSpace?

When was the last time you changed your art?

Whether buying or leasing, finding artwork for your business or home can be time-consuming and expensive, let alone changing it regularly. As a result, the same art can sit on the same wall for years, making environments stale and uninspiring.

It’s time to change things up

We are more than just decorators. Our goal is to transform your business or home into a live, dynamic exhibition, showcasing the latest artwork from local, emerging artists. We bring in the stories of the artists, their inspirations, and their messages, to help people better connect over art.

Like a gallery, we regularly rotate the artworks on display, keeping your environment fresh whilst simultaneously enabling more artists to exhibit and sell their works.

How does it work?


Identify how many pieces of artwork you would like to exhibit in your home or office


Select which types of artwork you’d like to see (e.g. abstract or landscape)


We provide a free on-site consultation to understand your unique environment


Every 3 months, we will source new art to rotate through your home or office

How much is it?

ColourSpace works on a subscription model based on the number of artworks you’d like to display, with prices starting at $75 a month. Each piece of artwork displayed is rotated quarterly

  • Highly affordable, pay quarterly with no long term contracts
  • Free installation
  • Fully serviced – you don’t need to do anything once we’ve installed the
  • All artwork displayed is for sale – support local artists by taking their work home!

Ready to add some colour?

Then get in touch! Leave your details below and we’ll get in touch to chat about how we can bring art into your work place.


Sharing the love for local art and artists

About us

We want to usher in a new age of art appreciation, where we help everyone – not just art lovers – be able to engage with and appreciate artwork in their own way.

The world is moving at such a fast pace that we are constantly reminded to slow down, to be present, and to be mindful of our environment. Art can play a massive part in this. Art is about feeling and experiencing rather than a definitive knowing, bringing with it a myriad of benefits, creatively and emotionally.

This is why we want to re-integrate art into people’s lives everywhere they go, and not just at the gallery. We want to ignite the creative fire in people’s bellies. A new renaissance in art.

Scott Ko


The Founder and Director of ColourSpace, Scott’s mission in life is to make an impact. A former management consultant and innovation executive, Scott was struck by how little engagement there was with art in many corporate environments, despite the potential for art to engage and inspire. He saw an opportunity to revitalise corporate environments with art, show people the benefits that art can bring to the people working there, and make a positive social impact by supporting local, emerging artists.

Sarah Cummins

Executive Curator

A passionate art lover, educator, and practising artist, Sarah achieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the National Art School in 2004 and a Post Grad Diploma in Education in 2008. She has exhibited in commercial and artist run galleries in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as curated student and emerging artist exhibitions. Sarah wants to help people confidently engage with art in an open minded way, and to provide artists with an outlet for their art in which they are celebrated and given the opportunities to succeed.

Doita Datta

Anything Social

Doita’s here to spread the love for art. Everyone loves art, yet there’s often little engagement with it, and she’s passionate about bridging that gap. In line with our mission to turn the world into a gallery, she intends to bring art where no art has gone before. She believes in the power and humanity of art to engage and inspire people from all walks of life. Drawing people together, helping them discover the art that resonates with themselves, and supporting local artists. Love the community!