You asked. We answered.

Hello! And thank you for your interest in ColourSpace. We understand you might have a few questions for us, what we do, and how we’ll look after your artwork.

Here’s some of the most common questions we’ve been asked by artists. If there’s anything missing, let us know! We look forward to sharing your artwork with the world.

Glad you asked! We want to change how people access and engage with art and usher in a new age of art appreciation, one that everyone can be a part of. Why? because art can have a profound impact on people, and yet 75% of people do not visit galleries.

On average 3 months at a time with any one client. However, there may be some cases where a rotation is longer or shorter than this, depending on the client.

Following the collection your work for display in a client venue, we then continue to manage it for up to 12 months (if it doesn’t sell earlier).  In the 12 month period, we aim to display it (for sale) across 3 or 4 different locations. If your artwork is not being displayed, it will be stored in our secure temporary storage facility as we continue to find other clients where we can exhibit your work.

Absolutely. All artwork is displayed alongside a plaque that explains who you are, your inspirations, your medium, and the price. We also reinforce the message through the Curator Notes we share with all of our clients in each 3 month rotation. If your artwork sells, we charge a flat 25% commission on the displayed price.

Buyers pay a 10% deposit upfront. At the end of the rotation, the balance is paid in full, we deliver the artwork to the buyer, and transfer of balance to you. We are also affiliated with Art Money, meaning buyers can choose to buy artwork in instalments, though you will still be paid in full on purchase of artwork.

There are no joining fees! ColourSpace is completely free for artists to join. You drop off the artwork at our St. Kilda office, we transport it to the clients' spaces, display it, insure it, and then deliver it to a buyer (if sold) or you pick it up after our management period has ended. We also promote your artwork online and across all our social media channels.

Actually yes, you do. We have a straightforward royalty system for all artwork on display. For any art that is on display (i.e. not in temporary storage), we pay artists royalties which represent over 25% of ColourSpace revenue from subscription fees. This applies to all work 30cm or larger on its longest edge (including the frame) and valued at minimum $250. Why? Because smaller pieces tend to be harder to display in corporate environments.

Royalties are paid at the end of each 3 month rotation. If your artwork sells in any subsequent display, ColourSpace will charge our standard 25% commission and recoup the cost of any royalties paid on that artwork to date. Basically, the idea is that you will either sell an artwork, or be paid royalties, but not both.

Nope – we don’t hold any exclusivity on you or your artwork, you are even free to sell pieces currently on display. There are a couple of limitations however. First, it is your responsibility to let us know immediately if you have sold your artwork through other avenues so we can tag it as ‘Sold’ in our systems. If you don’t notify us and we happen to find a buyer at the same time, we reserve the right to take priority in sales. Many artists take the approach of listing that their artwork is ‘On exhibition, unavailable for 3 months’ on their own websites, to allow for this requirement.

If your work is in temporary storage between rotations, absolutely. Let us know and we’ll happily return your artwork. However, once your artwork is on display, we would like to keep it on display for the entirety of the rotation. This is because your works form part our curated selection for each environment, but also because we want to minimise disruptions for our clients.

If it is an urgent situation and you want your artwork back whilst it’s on display, you will need to supply us with a replacement piece of similar style and size, and there will be a once-off fee of $100 (GST not applicable) to cover the cost of priority couriers.

Otherwise, if you can wait until the end of the display or if your work is in temporary storage, we’ll facilitate the return of your artwork to you free of charge.

We know that the best place for art is on display being enjoyed and we do our best to have your work out as much as possible. However, sometimes we aren’t able to find another suitable venue straight away. In these instances we move your work to a secure, light-protected and temperature controlled environment. This lets us continue to look for new venues and opportunities for you while cutting down on excess transportation costs.

Work in our temporary storage facility is prioritised for display in each new rotation, as well as any other opportunities that come up (such as short term leases, sales enquiries etc).

When the 12 month management period ends, if your work has not been sold, it will be returned to you along with any royalties you have accrued.

At each of our client sites, heavy duty hooks that can hold a weight of 15kg in plasterboard are installed. Hooks are installed typically between 180 to 230cm high, depending on the environment. We also have a couple of sites where we have installed a gallery hanging system, with steel locators and hooks.

This depends on the medium you work in. For all original artwork, they must come on pre-stretched canvases, and we can wire the artwork for you. For artists who want to provide us with prints, ColourSpace actually offers a standard suite of frames to help you minimise your costs. We can accommodate A1, A2, and A3 artwork, but please note that this will be in standard black, white, or natural frames. If you would like to use alternative frames, then this will need to be at your cost.

Because we are first and foremost a provider of artwork, our preference is always to display originals. There are aspects of original art that are much more difficult to convey than prints, such as texture, depth, and depending on the artwork, touch. However, we are happy to display prints (on paper, framed) as well if that is your personal preference. In such situations, we can display alongside your works the option for buyers to inquire about the original if they are interested in purchasing it.

Unfortunately, there is one category of artwork we try to avoid, and this is prints on canvas. For whatever reason, people seem to associate prints on canvas with Ikea unfortunately, and they seem to always ask for replacements.

We do expect a level quality in terms of presenting artworks for display, especially for paintings on stretched canvas. All works on stretched canvas must meet the following criteria:

1) 8oz is the minimum weight canvas accepted, however larger paintings may require a heavier canvas

2) Canvas must be stretched properly so that it is taught, with no visible warps

3) Stretcher bars should be used on a wide profile, giving your painting a minimum depth of 3cm. This is particularly important for larger paintings.

Paintings that do not meet this criteria may not be able to be displayed, and may incur a call out fee if they are chosen for display, and we identify on collection of the artwork that they do not meet this criteria above.

We publish photos of your work across our social media, website and other relevant channels including print. In some instances we may also produce videos and vlogs which show or feature your work. These are also published across all of our channels. In each instance you are fully acknowledged along with sales details.

Absolutely! By default, we will be promoting your works across all social media, and will be tagging you as well. If you want the original photos, just let us know.

Coverage for your artwork begins the moment we pick up your artwork, to the moment it is delivered back to yourself or a buyer. Should your artwork be stolen or damaged (save fair wear and tear), you will be compensated to 100% of the agreed value of your artwork. Wear and tear is defined as minor scuff marks to the back of the frame, or marks made due to the installation of new wires. Damage is defined as any visible marks to the front and sides incurred whilst your artwork is in our care. In these cases, will result in full compensation to 100% of agreed value of the artwork in question.

Yes! The following framers are recommended by our current artists:

Frames Readymade (352 Lygon St East Brunswick 8388 7631) offer 25% off all frames to artists planning an exhibition. And yes – by displaying your work with ColourSpace, you are exhibiting your work! So make sure to let them know you’re exhibiting through us and you’ll get the 25% off. The discount doesn’t apply to matte boards or framing, just the frames themselves.

F81 (10 A Taparoo Road Templestowe 9842 9842) is a home studio framer who has been recommended for good prices, Michael can be contacted on [email protected].

For printing needs, Thirds at 613 Brunswick St North Fitzroy, come highly recommended for their service and value. Ph: 9489 5615

We are open to approving all artworks as long as the follow the apprpriate criteria. We tend not to display nudity, religious content, overly sexual or violent themed works due to the fact that most artworks are displayed in places of business and are clients tend to shy away from controversial material. Our clients also make request for certain types of art and we do our best to cater to their requests.

We do not commission works. If you have work already created and ready for display, great! We, however, do not ask our artists to create works for our clients.

You can find updates about what's happening at ColourSpace on our website, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We also post photos of the artwork on our social media platforms as well as email them to you. You are welcome to share them.