Creative ways for teams to stay connected during COVID-19

15 April 2020
For the love of art

In this pandemic, a lot has happened in a short time. In the spirit of keeping communities and teams together, the least we could do was share some innovative events, thoughts, and tools that we considered to be useful to all.

Something for the team to connect over

Weekly Podcast for the team Podcast 4

Trivia Leagues

With footy tipping is on indefinite hold, this is a perfect time to introduce non-sport related activities for the competitive people. For example, Sporcle is an online quiz platform that gives people timed trivia quizzes to take. You can run this weekly, and reward the winner with a simple prize like a free $50 Ubereats home delivery

Virtual ‘Nailed It’:

Everyone’s unleashing their inner chefs / bakers, but how far have they really progressed? But to stop the ‘pro chefs’ from taking all the glory, introduce some fun constraints. Take this example from the lovable group of cooks from Bon Appétit’s YouTube channel where everyone is given 1 minute to plate a carrot.

Not sure about food? How about:
  • Re-create our company logo in Windows Paint using a mouse or touchpad, in 60 seconds
  • Draw a portrait of the person in the Zoom square to the left of you, in 60 seconds
  • Or ‘Van Gogh’ yourself like those people re-creating themselves a pieces of art

Something for those who seek guided creativity team-building sessions

ColourSpace has teamed up with several local artists to offer virtual creativity sessions for teams. Suitable for teams of up to 12, these are 1.5 hour guided sessions designed for all skills levels, with the purpose of giving people a reason to connect over something creative.

We’ll look after everything from sending your team the materials they need (sans alcohol), we’ll host the Zoom session, and we’ll work with the artists to tailor the session for your team. Think of it like a virtual ‘Sip and Paint’, and support a local artist to boot.

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Something for the arts and culture inclined

We’ll take you to the Vatican

Have a short Virtual Tour to the Vatican. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful the most renowned Roman sculptures are made, and the world’s most important Renaissance art masterpieces.

Let’s go to London

National History Museum has a pretty incredible virtual tour. You’ll be able to see the vast collection of specimens from various segments of natural history.

The Australian Ballet

Witness the magic of how Australia’s most talented dancers view the legendary Cinderella.

Something for parents

Give your kids a fun crash course in drawing like MC Escher

Parents, are you looking for ways to keep your kids learning and engaged at home? Try this short course for your kids and who knows they might be the next well-known graphic artist like MC Escher.

Fashion lets you pick the way you want to show yourself to the world so why not let them first focus on creativity.

Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artist - A drawing book for kids is a part colouring book, part exhibition guide, and part design workbook. There are plenty of pictures from those incredible dolls exhibition and so many imaginative opportunities to get children (and big kids) to draw and design.

And something for the leaders

Beyond Blue have shared an article on the importance of helping staff stay connected

“We under-estimate sometimes the comfort that phone contact can bring, you can still feel a sense of connection and closeness even if it’s not face-to-face.”

And this article by a workplace designer shares insights for supporting remote workers

“For companies across all geographies and industries, workplace disruption is inevitable. The companies who effectively manage that disruption will be well-positioned not only to maintain business operations throughout the outbreak but better prepared for future crises, too.”

Practical tools from Forbes for leaders to manage mental health in teams

“In these trying times, leaders must support their staff’s mental health more than ever. Not only is it the right thing to do for their team members, but it is the right thing to do for their businesses.”

A free webinar on leadership featuring ColourSpace board advisor Jamie Pride

“Now is a time for leaders to remind yourselves of what your people need you to do, and to pause and think about what type of leader you need to ‘be’ for others.”