Introducing New Exhibitor: Everlend

13 July 2021
Art on Display

We are delighted to welcome Everlend, one of the most dedicated and icnredible finance brokers in St Kilda, to ColourSpace's rapidly growing network of clients.

We'd like to welcome aboard Everlend to ColourSpace's (rapidly) growing network of businesses that both want to create warm, engaging, and humanising workplaces to be in (especially during these tough times), whilst also supporting social enterprise and local artists.

In particular, it's been really great to work with Evelyn Clark, last year's Mortgage and Finance Broker of the year, an individual who is genuine and visionary in doing good everywhere she goes, both in the customers she helps and the businesses she supports along the way.

Thank you for sharing your space with our local artists!
Welcome aboard!

Have a look at their first collection of artwork on display!

Artworks on display

For all purchase inquiries, please contact [email protected]

If you’re intrigued about the idea of rotating art into your space, ColourSpace offers free onsite consultations throughout Melbourne.