Introducing New Exhibitor: Hassett Group

23 September 2022
Art on Display

Hassett is a leading name in the industry, and we’re honored to have them on board. As a company, they share our commitment to supporting artists and promoting creativity. We believe that their support for local artists will help to foster a community of creativity and collaboWe’re excited to announce that Hassett has joined our network of clients who support local artists.ration.

Hassett has formed an outstanding network of businesses and professionals in Melbourne that they reinvest into to generate new opportunities and business partnerships. They always provide more than what's expected from traditional recruitment firms, making each client's experience unique.

Have a look at their first collection of artwork on display!

Artworks on display

For all purchase inquiries, please contact [email protected]

If you’re intrigued about the idea of rotating art into your space, ColourSpace offers free onsite consultations throughout Melbourne.