Introducing New Exhibitor: Thinkmill

28 October 2023
Art on Display

We are delighted to announce the newest addition to our ever-expanding network of exhibitors - Thinkmill. This dynamic and forward-thinking organization is set to make a significant impact on our community with its innovative approach and dedication to fostering creativity and collaboration.

Thinkmill is a dynamic company at the forefront of the technology and design industry, situated in the heart of innovation and progress. Its presence in our community promises to provide a unique and inspiring platform for like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs to come together and forge new pathways in their respective fields.

ColourSpace is deeply appreciative of Thinkmill's steadfast commitment to driving progress and innovation. By joining our network, Thinkmill is not only contributing to the growth of our vibrant community but also enabling the cultivation of an environment where new ideas can flourish and creativity can thrive. We look forward to the exciting contributions and opportunities that Thinkmill will bring to our network, and we are confident that their presence will be a catalyst for positive change and innovation in our community.

Have a look at their first collection of artwork on display!


Artworks on display

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