Alexandra Calamel

Artist bio

Alexandra was raised in Boon Wurrung country Elwood, Victoria. She is a Holistic Practitioner for over 38 years, mix medium artist, Life Coach, Author, Community Leader; and Founder of Storytelling Foundation “Helping & Inspiring Generation of Tomorrow Today”. She currently resides in the Wyndham the West of Melbourne.

In 2000 she was asked to work in Tamborine Dreaming Gallery selling Aboriginal Art. She has collaborated and inspired Indigenous Artists to be the best they can be for the overseas market. Her journey took her from the mountain in 2003 to Central Desert of Australia. In Alice Springs she met with 44 women that came from various parts of the World. These women came together to support and hold energy for the last Rights for White women to be part of Black Women’s Business which took 12 years. Ann Saunders led the group and has been supporting Aboriginal women Elders over 30 year at the time.

Alexandra has a great passion for Spirit of the land. She utilises natural materials such as sand, glass, stone, and bark with acrylic as she takes the art to a new level. Her intuitive connection with nature allows her to create beautiful creative voices on canvas. With her Indigenous connection to spirit allows her to cross many boundaries as a visionary to bring forth Storytelling in a visual form. Her art and creativity is unique and fits into 3 distinct styles with the two being dot art and morphing artwork that is created into limited edition prints in 2020.

Alexandra’s personal arts journey only began In October 2019 where Alexandra landed a contract with Mekai Wellness Products platform to market her creations as limited edition prints at an international level. She has been a closet artist since 1995 creating behind the scenes with her passion for nature and spirit of the land.

Alexandra had her first exhibition in Feb 2020 at Space2b Design in St Kilda and she has currently been asked to exhibit for Raw Australia in April 2020. Her passion is truly exceptional uniqueness individualistic with creativity in motion. Watch 2020 for this unique Australian mixed medium Artist journey on various platform with her visual art globally.

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