NSW Hospital Exhibition Program

Get involved in your Hospital's future

Sydney artists! We want your art to help enhance the healing environment for patients, staff, and visitors alike at Liverpool and Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital. If this is your first time here, we recommend you first check out this announcement about the program.
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What are the specifics of the Exhibition?

We are transforming wards and thoroughfares at Liverpool Hospital and Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital into galleries filled with local artwork that is changed every 3 months. Each exhibition will be curated around particular themes based on a combination of pre-approved suggestions from the hospital (see below), as well as depending on what works are submitted to the Program.

At present, we are displaying up to 50 individual pieces of artwork within the Program.

All works will be on display for the duration of the 3 months, with any sales processed and delivered after the works have come off display.

What are the timeframes?

Liverpool Hospital and Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital are open for submission

What is needed from artists?

For artists not familiar with ColourSpace, our model is predicated on helping artists share works that you've already created. This Exhibition is not about commissioning works from you; it's about giving you a new opportunity to share more stories about the artwork you've already created. Naturally, we won't stop you from creating new works or refining existing works, but do note that we will be curating the exhibitions based on what is submitted for the program, and not based on proposed ideas.

We want you to consider what artworks you've already created, how they fit into some of the potential themes below, and to share your stories and inspirations behind the artwork.

All of these will be displayed and shared with the Hospitals, as well as on all online platforms.

Can anyone apply?

This program is open to artists within NSW, with a preference for artists local to Sydney and its surroundings. There are no restrictions for Hospital staff, and we welcome your artistic contributions.

For artists outside of NSW, please keep your eyes open! This program is hopefully the first of many to come for Hospitals around Australia. Watch this space!

Any eligibility criteria to be aware of?

Yes - there's a few important aspects to be aware of:

  • We are looking for visual artworks that can be hung on a wall, on a gallery hanging system. We unfortunately can't accommodate free-standing sculptures or installations that require extensive installation on to the Hospital's walls.
  • Artists are responsible for transport, delivery and collection of their work if selected as a finalist.
  • For artists who have original paintings, your works must be properly framed and ready to hang at the time of drop off, with all shortlisted artists will be asked to submit photos of your artworks to verify the condition and quality of your works prior to acceptance.
  • For artists who are submitting prints, your works will need to be framed behind perspex.
  • Hung works must have D rings attached.
  • Works that are bigger than 1.5m in height are unlikely to be able to fit! On the other hand, works that are smaller than 50sqcm may be too small.
  • If you can smell it, we can't accept it! So any new works - especially oil or spray paint - that are not fully dried or sealed will also be rejected.

Naturally, overt sexual content, violence and nudity will not be considered. We will also avoid pieces that are confrontational, chaotic, obviously depressing or contain negative medical connotations.

Selection process

In selecting the artworks, it is important to understand that the setting is first and foremost a hospital. As such, we must consider the medical and emotional sensitivities of our viewers. Artwork will be assessed on the following factors:

  • Revitalise and enrich patient, visitor and staff lives
  • Reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with the healthcare setting
  • Content and colour palettes that promote tranquility, healing, compassion, and wellness
  • Creative works that include medical / health themes

Thematically, we are open to:

  • A mixture of landscapes, waterscapes and botanicals of South West Sydney imagery
  • Figurative works that are inclusive of diverse cultures and non-denominational spirituality

What's in it for you?

This is a completely free exhibition and there are no fees involved for artists whose works are chosen for display. ColourSpace will look after the installation, insurance, display, and promotion of your artwork, and all your works will be displayed for sale, with ColourSpace handling all sales enquiries with a flat commission rate of 25% (i.e. you receive 75%). The only catch is that any works on display will need to remain on display for the full period of the 3 month exhibition.

These exhibition programs are established with Hospitals on a pilot basis, which means royalties may not be offered for works chosen for these Exhibition Programs as per ColourSpace's regular operating models. However, this is not our long term vision. Our goal is to work closely with all stakeholders in our network to secure additional funding to support additional exhibition programs at Hospitals around Australia. Where we are successful in this, our vision is to pay artists to exhibit your works.

What if you're not selected for the Exhibition?

Exhibitions occur on a quarterly basis, thus if you're not chosen for one Exhibition, you may find your works chosen for later Exhibitions. Once you've submitted your artworks, they will automatically be included for all future Exhibitions unless you opt out of our platform. Furthermore, ColourSpace and Liverpool Hospital will also be exploring the expansion of this pilot to other wards and Hospitals, thus creating even more opportunities for the exhibition of your art.

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