Anjana Rai

Artist bio

I am a Sydney based artist with a management degree. I am an art admirer and passionate creator. I am nature lover and most of my creations are inspired by Mother nature. All my works begin with a basic concept of a place or an image, mostly based on my own experiences to which I add some elements of my imagination to give a personal to each piece. Being an Australian with an Indian heritage gives me the vast background and cultural diversities of the best of both worlds, which I incorporate in my work proudly. There is a free flow, messy touch in all my works as I like to be independent in my idea of creation and not stick to the absolute fine details. All my latest works are made with thick layers of paint (predominantly oil paint) using impasto techniques that give depth and textures to all my works and provide a sensory appeal to the art piece. I am passionate about colours and enjoy experimenting with different textures and flow giving extra edge and angles to my paintings.

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