Craig Parkinson

Artist bio

Hi, my name is Craig Parkinson. I have been exhibiting professionally for 20 years with 10 solo shows to date and numerous group shows. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from Monash Uni, a Bachelor of Education (Visual Arts) from UWS and a Diploma of Illustration from Preston TAFE in VIC. My art practice involves drawing and painting and my primary subject matter is colour and the space it creates on the surface of the picture and in our minds as we contemplate it. I became interested in abstraction when I was an art student and with colour has been for me a universe to explore. My artwork involves the use of Ink, gouache, watercolour, oil and acrylic paint, acrylic pens, charcoal, colour pencils on canvas, paper and pineboard. I love travelling and have been fortunate to have seen many great works of art and exhibitions throughout the world. I therefore continue to be inspired by the art of the past and the ever growing contemporary art scene.

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