Emily Margetts

Artist bio

I am a young artist and Visual Arts teacher. My artworks consist of aerial Australian landscape oil paintings on canvas. I have always loved the Australian landscape, particularly the coastline. My interest is both with the coastal scenery visually and the experience of being in the landscape. I became inspired by the aerial images of photographers, noticing how the landscape can be simplified and abstracted to simplified shapes and colours through that particular perspective. Through my works, I intend on recreating the essence of the landscape through emphasisng the colours and textures. I have created and perfected my own oil pouring techniques which allow me to achieve my desired marble effect in my waves. In my personal life, I am forever looking for ways to be at the beach or within nature whenever possible, however this is not always the case due to life's pressures and stresses. My art then becomes a way to escape from the banality of everyday life, to the places I love most.

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