Federico Rekowski

Artist bio

In 2005, Sydney photographer Federico Rekowski discovered photography. It wasn’t until his sister gave him her Canon 5D Mark II in 2014, that he knew there was more to this instrument than just taking pretty pictures. Rekowski found his voice in photography and along with it a tool to explore and to look at the world differently, one frame at a time.

The self-taught, award-winning photographer is influenced by some of the greatest photographers of our time. What truly inspires his photography is his passion to tell visual stories. It began with traditional landscapes. Discovering this new world through the lens, was exciting and fresh, but he felt he had more to convey to the viewer than just beautiful pictures of nature's beauty. He wanted to challenge the viewer, take them on a journey with visual narratives that evoked a connection, a reaction and took the viewer on a journey.

The progression from landscapes to illustrative photography seemed like a natural process.

An appetite to challenge his creativity and to push boundaries in camera and especially in post-production opened new worlds. Here he could blend reality and create surreal worlds and dynamic abstract compositions by using multiple techniques in creating artistic narrative experiences, like applying motion blur as a visual effect to create an aesthetic tension.

As a photographer with his camera, he is always seeking the right composition to capture that moment. In post-production, he becomes an artist using techniques to create mood, emotion, curiosity, awareness and a different perspective for both, the photographer and the viewer.

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