Geoff Hargraves

Artist bio

I’m a printmaker Artist.
I left school to work at age 16. I loved drawing, but never had the opportunity to pursue any art education until after being made redundant at age 60.
I enjoyed creating reduction linocut prints, until a back injury mad carving plates painful, so I took up painting. I spent about 18 months painting in acrylics, and then progressed to oil paints. I now prefer painting in oils and use wood panels. I don’t like stretched canvas as the surface moves to the brushes touch.
I grew up in a small coastal fishing village and spent all my spare time surfing.
Later in my twenties I began sailing in Newcastle, and I wouldn’t continue with the sport until my second marriage when we moved to Sydney.
For the next 20 odd years we would have a yacht on Sydney Harbour, and the beauty of the natural world, especially the harbour and sea influences my work.

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