Artist bio

HSIN LIN. Award Winning Artist based in Melbourne Australia. Contemporary Floral. In both her abstract and realistic series, Hsin has devoted herself to bringing the beauty and serenity that she feels when depicting floral subjects to those who view and collect her work. Her artwork Ready and Waiting has been judged as the winner of National Mental Health Month Art Competition and is used to produce the official posters for National Mental Health Month 2019. To Be with You - was chosen and printed on 50,000 Eco-friendly biocups distributed nationally on 2018; another Artwork - Trust Me- was chosen and published on 10,000 postcards distributed nationally on 2017. Her full collection -The Voice of Nature- was also featured on Australia Artist’s Palette magazine on 2017. Her Artworks are held in numerous private collections across Australia and internationally. Recent exhibitions include various local art shows and group exhibitions in Victorian Artists Society and The Hut Gallery.

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