Jacquelyn Stephens

Artist bio

Melbourne artist, Jacquelyn Stephens, has been exhibiting paintings for over 20 years since completing a BFA in Painting at the Victorian College of the Arts. The key themes in her work have been informed by her interest in water, nature, science, the environment and the domain of medicine.

Stephens’s paintings are inspired by the otherworldly beauty of the miniscule life forms. She examines the life forces and colour energies inherent in all things microscopic, sub-atomic and aquatic and abstracts these miniscule patterns of life, cellular and molecular formations, enlarging them into paintings where illusionary forms gather and float in fields of deep space.

Ultimately the paintings are about our sense of awe and wonder at these miraculous building blocks of life. The hope is that the paintings trigger a beautiful uplifting and contemplative experience for the viewer. An experience that reminds us of the beauty in and of our relationship to the fragile natural world.

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