Janvi Bhatt

Artist bio

Since emigrating to Melbourne in 2009, Janvi Bhatt has developed a vivaciously colourful and playful approach to abstract art, that imaginatively merges geometric shapes with texture and musicality. Striving for surprisingly inventive methods to convert the images in her head onto the canvas, Janvi’s works are elegant reflections of her emotional welfare and sense of self. Having developed her artistic style organically, via whimsical experimentation and fanciful exploration, she renders imagery intended to invoke a similar degree of audience involvement and psychological response as the one used to create it. Within the confines of every shape, line, edge and intersection, a part of Janvi lies on offer. Janvi Bhatt’s works have been displayed in a range of art shows and exhibitions, both digitally and in venues across metropolitan Melbourne. For inquiries concerned with commissions, custom pieces and other special requests, please contact Janvi’s House of Arts.

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