Laura Cozzolino

Artist bio

I was born and raised in Italy and moved to Australia in 2008. I am a lifelong learner, who is always curious about life. I love exploring, discovering, seeking and finding meaning, challenging and improving myself as a person, every day.

I am genuine, introspective and spiritual, but also adventurous and passionate. I am multifaceted, therefore I enjoy and need silence and me-time for reflection (I meditate regularly), as well as sharing, experiencing and exploring life with my meaningful people.

I find inspiration both by looking within and at the world outside. I believe that we are part of a larger universe where everything is connected. When I create a new piece, I feel exactly that, connected, and I enjoy every step of the process. In my art, I express my passion, energy, dreams and perception of life and the world, in a constant exploration and evolution of myself and my journey. I love texture and using different materials, which I combine with vivid colours.

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