Leah Mariani

Artist bio

I'm a Melbourne based artist making art about identity and relationships. I am interested in people and what makes them tick. I draw on my experience as a woman and a mother, and resultantly most of my work is about childhood and womanhood. I am a passionate advocate of women’s issues and gender equality, which is a constant theme in my work.
I have an interest in pattern and include it in most of my work. My attraction to pattern comes from my love of order (I'm also an accountant), but more importantly I like the flat, decorative element it adds. I predominately work in oils but also dabble in paper collage and printmaking.

I create art because...

My art practice explores what womanhood means to me. Traditions, society and media teach us about what womanhood looks likes and influences how we view ourselves. I’m trying to unpack that through my art.

I am different to most artists because...

I work part-time as and artist and part-time as a finance professional. My love for order and symmetry makes me different to other artists and also explains my interest in pattern. I include pattern in nearly all my work through the use of stencils, patterned fabrics and decorative paper.

When you look at my art, the thing I want you to feel is...

I want my art to be pretty, attractive, uplifting but also interesting and meaningful.

The thing I most want to say to non-artists is...

I don't think non-artist understand the amount of love and effort that goes into creating an original work of art work: from the experiments that fail, sourcing materials and all the other unsexy work that goes on behind the scenes means that there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

I believe art is an important part of our lives because...

Art makes us look at the world differently. It shows you the world through someone else's eyes. It can open your eyes and touch your heart.

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