Leesa Gray-Pitt

Artist bio

I’m an Award Winning Hair & Makeup Artist, Visual Artist & Creative. After drawing portraits in my teens, I decided to follow my passion for art and fashion and use real faces as my canvas. Completing a Certificate II in Makeup Artistry and Dress Style Hair, I went on to win Hair and Makeup Artist of the Year 2003. An op- portunity to Assist Rae Morris followed and I never looked back - assisting Rae at LMFF for 4 years and various other projects, I honed my skills and went on to secure an agent - Camerons Models (now London Management)
Having worked on many famous faces including Jennifer Hawkins, Margot Robbie and Miranda Kerr I also worked at Chanel 7 and other prestigious shows such as The Logies, Alan Border Medal and MKR.? Returning in 2015 to my first love art, I’m drawing from many sources of inspiration from the colours in nature to man made sculptures, but faces - whether in the flesh, on canvas or paper - will always be a constant source of pleasure and my true passion!

I create art because...

I’ve always been creative. I can’t remember I time when I wasn’t. Art is not what I do - it’s who I am!

I am different to most artists because...

I paint my emotions and my life story. Art has been my catharsis & therapy and my escape. It’s a visual diary of my journey through life, love and loss.

When you look at my art, the thing I want you to feel is...

I just want you to feel! Everyone sees something different in a work of art but as long as my work is making you feel something then I’m happy. Even if it’s a negative emotion - just feel!

The thing I most want to say to non-artists is...

That the works of an artist is valuable. I feel we are so undervalued in society and are expected to create for free but we have bills like everyone else.

I believe art is an important part of our lives because...

We can change the world with art & make it a better place! I’m trying to build a world of love & compassion one painting at a time!

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