Lena Sheridan

Artist bio

I work in a range of mediums, including drawing, photography, oil painting, and sculpture - but I am continually pulled back to photography and drawing as central interests.
I graduated with a Diploma of Visual Arts in 2016, and having previously studied linguistics and philosophy in a Bachelor of Arts, I am continually interested in investigating emotional states, the workings of the psyche, loneliness versus connectedness, and the general strangeness of being alive.
My creative process usually comes about through unconscious and meditative ideas, which often results in images that are quite surreal. I am continually trying to depict the human form - or parts of it - in a metaphorical way, in order to analyse my own personal issues. As a result, my works often suspend or distort these forms in ways that express my inner states.

I also teach drawing at Wyndham Arts Incubator in Werribee (see links).

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