Linda Schneider

Artist bio

I am a re-emerging artist who also works part-time casual in a mainstream job. I completed a Diploma in Fine Art (Painting) at Warrnambool Institute of Technology in 1979 (Deakin University); and a Graduate Diploma in Sculpture at Newcastle College of Advanced Education in 1982 (University of Newcastle). I also have a Master of Arts in Linguistics, a Master of TESOL, teaching degrees (primary, secondary and LOTE) and a Grad. Dip in Arts (Indonesian language).
At the moment, I'm experimenting on three main projects/themes:
1. A series of paintings based on transient light and loose brush strokes
2. Drawings with layering of marks on paper
3. Experimental free-for-all where I try to not use my conscious brain to paint, but use my unconscious brain instead.

I create art because...

art is a different experience to daily life and grind. It grows and changes in layers of the psyche of the artist, and I think also for the person who is always looking at art and appreciating art. Art is like meditation. I lose my ability to keep track of time or of what's happening around me when I paint, but I'm quite mentally exhausted when I finish a session.

I am different to most artists because...

I don't really think I am different. I don't know if I am or not. Each person has their own genetic makeup and their own personal experiences - external and internal, that when combined, continue to evolve, change, and grow. I suppose in that sense, I am different, and that is why.

When you look at my art, the thing I want you to feel is...

whatever you honestly feel. I could probably influence you with words, but I prefer not to. Disregard the title, just look, get lost in the work if you can. Every time you look at art (not just mine), particularly "art that stands the test of time" (I hope mine will) you should have a different emotional and intellectual response to it. "Art that stands the test of time" has something for everyone. Your perceptions will evolve as an art-watcher/creator, via your thoughts and experiences

I believe art is an important part of our lives because...

we learn through it. Not just concrete lessons, but by tapping into another part of the brain. And I suspect there may be different brain-parts for differing levels or ways we appreciate art.

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