Lorraine Simiana

Artist bio

Lorraine Simiana, an artist based in Sydney, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting. Initially starting as an abstract painter, Lorraine's artistic journey led her to explore various mediums and techniques. During her exploration, she discovered the captivating realm of Cymatics, an art and science that visualises sound. This process, renowned for analysing intricate sounds, yields intricate and mesmerising patterns, challenging conventional perceptions of how sound is perceived visually.

The inclusion of music in Lorraine's creative process adds depth and significance to her work, providing a means for self-expression. Music has a remarkable ability to weave a timeline of events in one's life, infusing them with personal meaning. Lorraine's artistic accomplishments include being a finalist in the esteemed Campbelltown Art Prize, as well as engaging in live painting performances.

I create art because...

My unwavering passion for creating art drives me to pursue it wholeheartedly. Every day, I am compelled to immerse myself in my craft, continuously exploring diverse techniques and mediums. This relentless experimentation is an integral part of my creative process, fostering growth and evolution in my artistic journey.

I am different to most artists because...

What sets me apart from other artists is the distinctiveness of my creations. The art I produce defies categorisation—it doesn't neatly fit into the realms of painting or sculpture. It exists in a realm beyond classification. Some of my pieces absorb energy during the day, only to radiate a captivating luminosity at night. My work revolves around the interplay of light, imbuing it with an illuminating, incandescent, and fluid quality that is undeniably beautiful.

When you look at my art, the thing I want you to feel is...

My utmost desire as an artist is for viewers to deeply resonate with my art and forge a personal connection with it. Above all, I hope that those who behold my work can witness its inherent beauty and be profoundly moved by the emotions it evokes.

I believe art is an important part of our lives because...

In my perspective, art holds a significant place in our lives as it serves as a healing force, providing solace and a profound sense of fulfillment. For me, engaging in art is akin to finding my sanctuary, a place of pure happiness and contentment.

The thing I most want to say to non-artists is...

Within each person resides an inner child brimming with creativity, yet not everyone chooses to embrace and cultivate that aspect of themselves. For those who have not ventured into their creative realms, I invite you to embellish your walls and spaces with art, allowing yourself to relish the captivating view it brings.

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