Mark Collis

Artist bio

From the very earliest age, Mark loved to draw. Rather he loved the affirmations that his drawings would elicit from his parents. It was this positivity that sustained him throughout his childhood. Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, he gained a place in the 'gifted and talented' visual arts program at Applecross Senior High School. He later went to art school at Curtin University, achieving a BA in Design. Approached at his end of year show by Ogilvy and Mather, Mark began an illustrious career in advertising as a copywriter, becoming an executive creative director. Campaigns of note included Earth Hour, Holsten Pils 'Anagram' and McDonald's Inner Child. Having worked in major cities around the world, Mark returned to Australia in 2009, as Director of Creativity and Innovation for the telco giant, Telstra. He was responsible for the recent rebrand and its subsequent rollout. Mark has painted throughout his life and has held shows in London and Sydney.

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