Natalya Stone

Artist bio

Natalya Stone is an award winning nature Photographer, based in Melbourne who travels regularly (normally) to capture the wonder and beauty of the natural world.
Fuelled by a passion for travel and a love of this planet, her eye is influenced by the incredible patterns, textures and colours of nature. Connecting with nature is her therapy to keep anxieties at bay - a cathartic release from real world stresses. She is a strong advocate for the protection of the environment and our precious wildlife, seeking to create images that will invoke respect and care for our world.
Natalya most recently was announced as 2020 Winner of the Wildlife category in the Australian Photography Awards. She was a participant in Knox City Council’s 2019’s “Immerse” exhibition, a finalist in the 2018 Bowness Photography Prize and has held exhibitions at MGA Bowness 2018, Vernissage Gallery, Brunswick Street Gallery and the Melbourne Camera Club.

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