Nicola Kinloch

Artist bio

Nicola Kinloch is a fine artist based in Melbourne, Australia. In 2016 Kinloch’s work was among the top-rated portfolio entries for the Magnum Photography Awards. Her portraiture, wildlife, and travel photography have been a candidate for numerous other photographic awards, such as the Olive Cotton Award, Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year, Magnum Photography Award, and The International Colour Awards two years running. Today, Kinloch’s art captures glimpses of the diversity in people, nature, and objects, reflecting subtle nuances in their cultural environment. Drawn by themes of the gaze, public versus private, and nature conservation, many of her works are inspired by and taken during her travels abroad. The inquisitive quality of her photographs evokes a subtle perspective on certain cultural and environmental topics that sometimes go by unnoticed. They encapsulate a raw, emotional moment that reveals and creates an authentic space for her subject matter.

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