Rose Giardina

Artist bio

So far all my works have been of an innocent child let loose to find colour and explore the magnitude of it all with no restrictions. I find myself inspired in my dreams, a lifetime of stored imagination just pouring out onto canvas waiting to burst into colour. This moment in time is a discovery of who I am.

As I sat for seven days and went within and found this artist crying from joy my hands were ‘Gold’ and inspiration flowed from that day on. I was fifty-five years old when I woke from the slumber of life without art and have been painting now for two years.

I mix colours and add paste onto my palette and I end up with a lot of curious colours, then I scrap it onto the canvas with a tool I designed. Not knowing what Spirit will do next I continue to build the painting until it feels right and it’s pleasing to my eye. The whole ‘Collection’ is connected by the leftover paint from each art piece. So as in family, there is a thread of colour that joins us altogether. Introducing the right amount of colour and texture excites me to bring the painting alive. And to know when to stop is always from within.

Being number 8th child in a tribe of 14, I was never encouraged to do anything that meant wasting time on something like creativity. Trusting that Spirit is at work and pulling me into my future inspires me to create and paint my existence as it appears today. Just like our lives, we add something new each day to our canvas and because of life’s complexities, art has now become my new Personal Guru. Knowing that this gift is guiding me I now have hope and stability in my life. Also when I paint my motivation is to capture the innocence of who this artist is, by experimenting freely with texture, colour and lots of Gesso for movement. The bigger the canvas the more unrestricted I feel.

As I dress the canvas and work through the layers, I see my art as a representation of us all. The parts of us that we want to show other and the parts we don’t. The base paint is the most important part of the painting, layers can change but the base canvas never changes. This part of the painting is the ‘Soul,’ which is ever-present no matter how heavy the layers of paint I add to achieve this look. It thrills me to see a connection to all my pieces. My invitation is for you to have an experience of my work and enjoy the passion and love I draw from.

I create art because...

I love who I become when I paint .. sometimes I can’t wait to see the work the next day as it excites me!

I am different to most artists because...

I paint because of the freedom it gives my mind from the clutter of life ..

When you look at my art, the thing I want you to feel is...

To transport you to where I might see you eye to eye and maybe put a smile on your face.

The thing I most want to say to non-artists is...

Try it .. see what gift lies beneath.. your exterior. Meditate on it for a while then start throwing paint around like a child !

I believe art is an important part of our lives because...

Without art The world Would crumble Our souls into oblivion blindness !

Bring this collection to your space.