Sabina D'Antonio

Artist bio

Sabina's passion for the beach and coastal lifestyle here on the Mornington Peninsula inspires a style all her own where she aims to create a colourful, vibrant, and textured painting that has a distinct distressed and weathered look.

You may ask 'why the numbers' , the numbers you see in sequence are a homage to Sabina's vast manufacturing background, combined with a selection of random numbers she comes across that caught her eye, on a beach box, or a boat out on the water, to what comes naturally to her during the creative process.

Each piece is unique from the next, resulting in a body of work evoking one’s passion for texture and weathered surfaces, love for colour, and an overall passion for the beach through art.

At present Sabina's original coastal works are held in various private collections in the US, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, and recently Germany.

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