Sonica Sojourn Art & Design

Artist bio

I consider myself an art admirer, nature lover and a passionate creator. My love for vibrant colors comes from traveling, exploring new places and capturing the landscapes.I’ve special interest in abstract expressionism.
Exploring abstract art in terms of form, layers, texture and shape is what excites me the most. This form clearly depicts my innermost feelings and emotions. I love using palette knives and unusual elements and tools with various media to give depth to my artwork.
I like to develop a concept and create variations within elements of those concepts.
I’m an Australian with Indian heritage.
I’ve always felt a strong connection with art for which I kept working hard and learning more. I completed a Diploma in Interior design as well to be able to learn and understand more about design options & space settings which complement my artwork.
I’m now based in Ballarat, Australia where I work from my peaceful home studio. I believe that mind & matter are connected.

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