Artist bio

I am a Contemporary Melbourne emerging artist and painting is my medium. My work is highly experimental, emotive, and intuitive.
My paintings are expressive and gestural using oil paint on canvas. I am a Bayside artist and the influence of the sea using abstract compositional motifs is a constant source of inspiration and this occupies my thoughts and explorations. These ideas of water,sky and the horizon are further communicated through the dynamic use of colour.
The subtle and rich nuances of the landscape strongly permeates in my compositions and this is reflected in my work through mark marking, connection to my environment and using oil paint on canvas to explore harmonies and contrast. I work from a studio in Mordialloc, Le Studio Artspace & Gallery.

I create art because...

I create art because I am recording fragments of memory, time and place. I am inspired to create art as I have a need to express myself through colour evocative moods and paint. I love painting, it is my meditation and passion.

I am different to most artists because...

I paint from my memory, my experiences, my own ideas, I express my personal thoughts and feelings into my work. I do this through mark making,colour harmonies and expressive painting techniques. My work is unique in that it crosses from the representational to the abstract. It is highly intuitive and expressive. I use colour imaginatively to express my ideas. My work is exploratory, experimental and unique.

When you look at my art, the thing I want you to feel is...

When you look at my art you see many diverse colour harmonies and suggestions of the landscape, whether it is the sea, sky or land. Colour and textural qualities are expressive and gestural. I am making you think about colour and surface qualities. Colour is an emotive response and my aim is to evoke a response from the viewer.

The thing I most want to say to non-artists is...

Be open to look at art with an interest in, what is the artist communicating to me the viewer?

I believe art is an important part of our lives because...

I believe that art is a very important part of our lives because it communicates the ' essence of time and place' that the artist has recorded or expressed in their work. Art helps us understand our emotions and opens our minds and hearts to the world. It references culture, time and place. Art communicates a personal vision by the artist, its unique and powerful.

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