Tania Chanter

Artist bio

Tania is an Australian contemporary artist who has the desire to express emotion she feels from nature. Her feelings flow directly onto the canvas in an uninterrupted, intuitive flow; layers, textures and colours blend and evolve until some secret inner part feels satisfied. The depth and richness of the colours, the complexity of the sky – the romantic feeling of stormy clouds, the churning foam of the ocean on those days and the sunlight playing through tall grasses as they bend and wave. From the sweep of the vast landscape down to the bee among flowers, natures inspiration is endless.
Tania’s work is represented in private collections throughout Australia and overseas.

I create art because...

It meets every creative impulse I have and is a source of endless inspiration and satisfaction.

I am different to most artists because...

I know there is nothing new under the sun, and each artist is unique and has something to offer others.

When you look at my art, the thing I want you to feel is...

A sense of calm.

The thing I most want to say to non-artists is...

Discovering my love for painting has not only enriched my life but also taught me a valuable lesson. Fear is a very negative and crippling emotion. It can prevent you from trying new things and in so doing limits your potential. I am not talking about fear of high-risk activities and encouraging people to take risks for the sake overcoming healthy fear, but rather overcoming fear of failure and being willing to just try.

I believe art is an important part of our lives because...

It enriches peoples lives and homes.

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