Trinity Morris

Artist bio

A Sydney based artist, I grew up in inner-city Glebe where my mum encouraged creativity in our home and painting, pottery or paper-mâché often took the place of homework after school. I knew I wanted to be an artist back then, but it took a few different careers in design (Interior & Graphic Design), two kids, and numerous life events to realise It's no longer just a want to do, but a strong, insatiable and necessary thing I need to to do to feel fulfilled and alive.

A self-proclaimed National Art School dropout, I'm inspired by an ever-growing desire to understand the world, and find the creation of art a way of unpacking and processing some of the weird, wonderful & awful things that keep me up at night, make my heart flutter with delight, or see me curled up under the covers crying myself to sleep. My art celebrates and contemplates love, beauty, pain, the profound, and all the contradictions that follow.

I create art because...

I just can't stop. When I'm not creating art, I'm thinking about it, planning the next idea, and sketching on little bits of butter paper. It's an insatiable and necessary thing I need to do to feel fulfilled and alive.

I am different to most artists because...

my artwork is very personal and usually driven by my own desire to understand people, emotions, and the often strange ways of the world. While I think many of the themes are universal, we all see through a unique pair of goggles, and the way I express these ideas are unique to me, as is the way any audience will interpret them.

When you look at my art, the thing I want you to feel is...

something deep inside, not just on the surface. My work is inspired by a gamut of emotions, some quite dark, some filled with the joy of being alive. I guess If my work can connect with you on any level I am happy :)

The thing I most want to say to non-artists is...

The most important thing is that the art speaks to you. If you look at a piece of art and it makes you think or takes you away somewhere, it makes you smile or contemplate - that's the art speaking to you. If you connect with it, buy it, and proudly hang it on your wall where you can feel it, love it, and share it with your world.

I believe art is an important part of our lives because...

For me, art is important because it can speak the unspoken. It can go deep into the soul and find those things that sit dormant and ignored for a lifetime. Art is like a song that can sing straight to your soul with joy or pain or anything in between. It can make you smile and cry all at once even without expelling a single breath.

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