March 25, 2019

Autumn 2019 at Cube Group

Colour Rotations

Three new artists at Cube Group: Mirabela Varga, Paul Micallef & Valentina Maxwell-Tansley, offering art forms of painting, photography & collage.

Valentina Maxwell-Tansley

Valentina Maxwell-Tansley (view her #artistspotlight interview) is a contemporary printmaking artist and surface designer who works with textured paper collage. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Valentina initially studied music, and sound design before shifting her focus into the visual sphere. She completed a Diploma of Visual Arts with the International School of Colour and Design and graduated as Surface Designer of the year in 2016. 

Drastic Plastic (left), Derelict Disruption

Hand Printed Collage on Board, 79h x 60w cm,  79h x 59w cm

$395 each 


Paul Micallef

Paul Micallef is a self-taught photographer of 20 years who has a passion for capturing dramatic images of our landscape.

The homestead stands still and strong in contrast to the clouds that roll by overhead. To Micallef this represents the resilience of the Australian spirit, the strengh that we all draw on in times of need.

There is beauty in decay and Micallef’s photography celebrates it. As time and natural elements leave their mark on our environment, the polished beauty of new things gives way to a weathered, textured beauty that tells stories of times gone by.

Aussie homestead of years gone by 2 (left), Aussie homestead of years gone by.

Canvas print, 65h x130w cm

$750 each

Mirabela Varga

Created over the evolutionary time period of one year, this painting transformed through layers and sequential events in Varga’s life and never had a defined outcome from the beginning. Pleased to say it showed her what it wanted to become and one day it revealed itself as one of Melbourne’s most energetic hotspots and places of interest. Like its creative process, this painting is full of mystery, depth and a sense of richness that go beyond time and space.

Centre Place, Melbourne

Acrylic on canvas, 101h x 152w cm


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