April 1, 2019

Autumn 2019 at Inspire9


Inspire9 is ColourSpace’s largest exhibitor and has supported Melbourne artists for two years since the launch of our social enterprise.

Inspire9 is currently displaying a collection of 13 artworks by 6 emerging artists: Sharon West, Shirley Ploog, Valentina Maxwell Tansley, Meghan Oare, Ngaire Johansen and Joni Dennis.

Shirley Ploog

A Melbourne based visual artist who is passionate about the environment, Shirley Ploog art relates to the beauty of nature as well as the impact of mankind in having on our environment. She actually came to art following a successful sporting career, in which she represented Australia in lacrosse. Much of her inspiration came after visiting a bushfire affect area and seeing the resilience of life that appeared thereafter. She has recently participated in a number of a successful group exhibition. She was selected as a finalist in the M collection Art prize and finalist for the Wyndham Art prize as well as her work was highly commended.

Soft Whispers (left), Transparent Fragility

105 x 81, Mixed Media on Paper


‘Soft Whispers’

Shirlely Ploog’s work is a response to the beauty of nature as well as the impact mankind is having on our environment. Through her objectifying nature’s elements, often larger than life, forms are given a sense of reverence, an intimate portrait, an opportunity for the viewer to see elements of nature as if for the very first time as well as connecting on a metaphorical level to the demise of our planet.

‘Transparent Fragility’

Nature’s young, perfect forms is not what appeals to Shirley Ploog. It is when Nature ages, when crinkles form, colours change, blemishes appear and forms change shape with marks of experience. These imperfections give Nature and it’s aging forms beauty, it tells a life story in Ploog’s world.

Valentina Maxwell Tansley

When Tansley studied art, she had a great teacher who introduced her to many new printmaking methods and one of these, gelatine printing, was used in this work. The pink paper was printed using a gelatine plate and plastic mesh. Tansley has since experimented with many printmaking methods, and her current work is firmly based in that evolution.

Artist Spotlight featuring Valentina Maxwell-Tansley

Detritus Devour (above), Detritus Dependence (below)

Hand printed torn paper collage on plywood, 60×90

$395 each

‘Detritus Devour’

Of Tansley’s most recent works, this one is the closest to being a self-portrait. It wasn’t intentional, but she see’s a lot of herself in it. To provide context, Tansley generally wears a lot of black, and this work is all about black. She has a real interest in patterns and controlled chaos, and this work features both in a monochrome way.

‘Detritus Dependence’

As this was the first work in the series, Tansley spent a lot of time on the colour palette; and suffered some indecision over which printed papers to include. You’ll notice that this is the only work which has a paper overprinted in two colours (the black and silver on blue). This was done to tie the palette with the other papers together.

Meghan Oare

Benjamin, 61×61, Mixed media on silk


Meghan Oare’s paintings are intuitive fabrications of her identity and experience. Hence, her intentions for how the viewer perceives her work is irrelevant. You as the viewer are free from the constraints of her intentions. You are freely allowed to let your past associations influence your perception of my paintings. To give you a starting point however, Oare gives her artworks names intended for people to title her works, just as an gentle nudge.

Ngaire Johansen

Ngaire is a Melbourne based artist living in Sorento. She paints abstracted landscapes, as well as figurative paintings. The Waterfall paintings were inspired by a series of four paintings by the late Fred Williams (one of Australia’s most important painter and printmaker) who was very fond of the colour indigo, something that Johansen feature in the dark sections of these works. The artwork is complex, and the evolution of each work needs to take into account the contrapuntal aspects of line and placement of colour so the eye doesn’t just wander off.

Waterfall Polyptich after Fred Williams No. 3 & 4.

Acrylic on canvas

111h x 83w cm


Joni Dennis

Dennis uses gesso to create depth on the canvas, with the addition of thick paint, dramatic colour, and oil pastel. He pushes the different elements, the paint, the texture, the oil and bleeds them together. The outcome is emotive and creates an energy that he uses to impact the space and to evoke human reactions.

The Challenge

Acrylic on canvas, 81×71


Sharon West

Sharon West has exhibited in various group and solo show for the past 20 years in Australia and abroad. She commenced teaching at RMIT in 1999 in Indigenous art education in the Vet sector of RMIT University. The unit closed in 2013 and she is currently teaching in the Diploma of Arts programme at the city campus. Her works are humorous in nature, playing on the idea of explorers discovering giant animals.

The Endeavour Encounters the Botany Bay Kraken (left), Cook Encounters a Giant Cane Toad (right)

Type C Photograph, Edition of 10, 82 x 107

$600 unframed, $1,200 framed

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