March 6, 2019

New exhibitor, new city: ColourSpace expands to Sydney

Colour Rotations

So far, ColourSpace has helped over a dozen businesses in Melbourne become more conscious about the impact of art at work. Now, we’re doing the same in Sydney.

PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) is Australia’s online property exchange network and their exhibiting artwork from ColourSpace with a commitment of feeling good, looking good and doing good with art. 

Art is more than a decoration. We believe in the power of art to enrich, engage and inspire. We’re thrilled to welcome Pexa onboard as our very first exhibitor in Sydney. This gallery features Sydney based artist Catherine Lee.

Catherine Lee

Catherine Lee is an internationally exhibited fine artist, with a Bachelor (Honours) Degree of Fine Art and Painting, History of Art at University of Brighton, UK and BTEC Diploma in Fine Art and Design, from Hastings College of Art.

Lee grew up in Spain, studied in the UK and is a practicing artist living in Sydney, Australia. She focuses on abstract and figurative painting and drawing, expressive mark making and vibrant colour palette using oil, acrylic, ink and spray paints.

She recently exhibited in New York City at the Anti-Art Fair for Independent Artists, and has upcoming exhibitions at Art Paris, France and Art Miami, USA.

Before our art installation, PEXA’s walls were blank.  With new art, the walls now offer a medium encouraging new thought, creativity and conversation at work.

The one that got away

77 h x 72 w, Acrylic on canvas


Ice Queen

77h x 72 w, Acrylic on canvas


Communication Is In Our Nature

100h x 100w, acrylic on canvas



Exquisite Sound

61h x 153 w, Acrylic on canvas


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