December 30, 2018

Summer 2018 at Inspire9

Art on Display

Inspire9’s summer exhibition is up and attracting entrepreneurs, freelancers and clients from all over Melbourne to view a range of fine art and photography. This season’s collection features artists Fern Siebler, Lena Wagner, Leanne Cole, Milos Pelikan, Chris Aspland and Leah Mariani.

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Fern Siebler

To create this artwork, Siebler had to learn how to let go of everything holding her back, whether in art or in life, and of her perceptions of how a piece of artwork should turn out. Simply letting the ink take control and setting her mind free was the challenge. As in art, so too in life; sometimes adopting a mindset that lets go of expectations is what creates new ideas, solutions, and experiences.

State of Mind I

State of Mind II

Alcohol dye ink on yupo paper

58h x 45w cm

$580 for both

Lena Wagner

For Wagner, a professional photographer in the field of fashion, these artworks represent an escape from the fashion landscape into something more fantastical. Photography as a medium is one that allows Wagner to apply her professional skills as a creative outlet.

Wagner’s work is not immediately recognisable as photography. At first glance they appear to be geometric abstract artworks. On closer inspection we realise these are incredibly detailed photographs.

Limited edition print

59h x 42w cm

$450 each

Leanne Cole

Part of working the way Leanne Cole does is to create works that show an empty city. If it becomes devoid of all life then we are left with nothing by the structures. The camera is an important part of that process, but so are the filters that allow the camera to take that extra time.

Long exposures allow the camera to capture the movement of anything moving, and in this image it captured the sky moving in the same directions as the sails on the bridge. Using the ND filters gives the camera the ability to take much longer images to get that movement. It also removes all the people to allow the focus to be just on the bridge and clouds.

Bridge Over

A Long Look at Seafarers Bridge

C Type Photograph

60h x 85w cm

$1,080 each

Milos Pelikan

The secret sauce for this work is industrial glue, it’s Milos Pelikan’s tool of choice – versatile, flexible and sticks anything to anything – it’s like cold welding. For Pelikan, the struggle is when to stop adding stuff. He creates the work through an accumulation process, employing a strong recycled object aesthetic in his work, covering themes around constructed identities in a digital age.

Milos Pelikan is a self-taught artist. He utilises found objects, recycled electronic / computer materials, hardware, metal, industrial glue, and spray paint to create contemporary abstract and symbolic sculpture.

In another form, this work would be a stylized hat. Milos Pelikan made this work around the time of the Melbourne Cup – the fascinator is a symbol of a temporary tribe, a symbol of a constructed identity if you like.

The Fascinator

Bits and Bytes

Mixed Media on Metal Mesh


Mixed Media on Board


90h x 60w cm

Chris Aspland

A canteen is a specially designed box for a set of cutlery. This set is out of the box and was destined for the Op Shop. It is beautiful in its age and Apland resisted the urge to polish it as she finds the patina and the ageing enhances its appearance. Although this set is old, it’s still perfectly functional. Unfortunately, because of the material it’s made of, it can’t go in a dishwasher. It’s functional but not convenient!

Line Dancing 1

Line Dancing 2

Oil on Canvas

51h x 77w cm

$650 each

Leah Mariani

This artwork is different to Leah Mariani’s others as it started off as an experiment. She used lots of different mediums including paper, pencil, acrylic and oil. She started with the intention of creating an abstract painting, but in the end a red coat was calling out to her and she couldn’t resist turning the painting into Red Riding Hood. Mariani is very interested in people, especially the experiences of women, and it comes through in her work.

Little Red

Mixed Medium

79h x 54w cm


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