January 7, 2019

Summer 2018 at Waterman

Art on Display

Imagine walking into work and seeing  new thought provoking artwork on the walls. These artworks explore concepts of movement, colour and flow. Important themes of life. 

Waterman’s latest exhibition features award winning artist and sculptor, John Petrie.

To purchase any of these pieces, brighten up your home, and support a local, Melbourne artist, email art@cs.gallery with the name of the artwork.

John Petrie

John Petrie is an award winning Artist and Sculptor, his mediums are acrylics on canvas and ceramic sculptures. Abstract is his keyword, nature his inspiration.

Abstract Stallion is a piece created in Petrie’s signature style: strong colours, rich textures, and – for this particular piece – thematically displaying strength and pride.

Unlike some of Petrie’s other works, Machinations focuses less on an abstraction (an abstract translation of something recognisable) and focuses instead of movement and colour, integrated into a flow.

Abstract Stallion

Acrylic on Canvas

100h x 76w cm



Acrylic on Canvas

123h x 62w cm


In On the Scent, Petrie captures abstract depiction of their beloved pet “Lucy” stalking through the garden and the long grasses as if she were a the world’s smallest lion.

On The Scent

Acrylic on Canvas

100h x 76w cm 


For any sales enquiries for the pieces above, please email art@cs.gallery.

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