January 2, 2019

Summer 2018 at PEXA

Art on Display

Pexa’s Summer gallery is inspired by the land and sea, allowing employees to reflect on natural environments and observe their own connection to nature. This collection features the works of artists Damian Seagar, Kat Marcius and Tiffany Blaise.

To purchase any of these pieces, brighten up your home, and support a local, Melbourne artist, email art@cs.gallery with the name of the artwork.

Damian Seagar

Much of the Central Hawkes Bay on the Eastern North Island of New Zealand has been completely cleared for farming, but some stubborn trees remain. The cabbage tree is incredibly hardy and fast growing, but is easily susceptible to farm animal damage and fungal die-off. Seagar wanted to present the tree as a majestic and lonely figure proudly and stubbornly watching over its home.

Lone Hawkes Bay Cabbage Tree

Foma Retropan 320 35mm film, silver-gelatin print with selenium toner

Two trees of seemingly the same age, one has survived the long and harsh summer and drought of Central New South Wales, and one has not. The bike trail suggests some hint of life nearby, but that may have been created an hour ago or a week ago.

Grenfell Twins

Foma Retropan 320 35mm film, silver-gelatin print with selenium toner

In this image, Seagar is trying to capture the unending vastness of the land and sky in the plains of Central New South Wales, and the great distances between even your closest neighbours.

Hay Plains Neighbours

Ilford FP4 125 35mm film, silver-gelatin print with selenium toner

64h x 82w cm

$990 each

Kat Marcius

For a long time Marcius used to create paintings in one session. Now she likes to create layers that give her artworks more meaning, and give two sides to each story of the artwork. In this painting she painted the ocean with deep open waters. In the second layer she added the box-like shape and the pot plant. To Marcius, it explains a lot about what she loves and how she feels, not being able to live close to the ocean at the time.

This artwork was something of a challenge for Marcius, as she usually does more abstract pieces. She admires the power and symbolism of a jellyfish. They are fragile, peaceful beings, yet strong and powerful in their sting. Capturing their translucent bodies and electricity was a difficult task. Using the right size paintbrush and mixing enough water with acrylic is important, each stroke creating the perfect curve, shape or movement.


Acrylic on Canvas

79h x 64w cm


Fish Tank

Acrylic on Canvas

80h x 95w cm


Tiffany Blaise

One of the most important things I have learned as a painter is the importance of carefully choosing perspective to add drama to a composition in a painting. This piece is an exploration of a close up view of a stormy swell from sea level.

This piece challenged me to explore the many colours and lines found in Australian cliffs. The end result was reached after closely studying the rocks and their highlights, shadows, and varied tones.

West Head Beach 

Oil on Canvas

61h x 77w cm




Oil on paper

61h x 46w cm

$840 unframed / $990 framed

For any sales enquiries for the pieces above, please email art@cs.gallery.

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