Chris aspland hatter and hair complete

Chris Aspland is a Victorian artist, based in Moorabbin. She completed her Diploma of Visual Arts in 2013 at the CAE with a major in Painting.

Chris had her first solo show in August, 2017. She was a finalist in the Eutick Memorial Still Life Award, 2017.

She has exhibited in a number of local and other selected group shows such as CAE Graduate Show; Linden Postcard Show; Belle Arti; Cambridge Gallery: “Who’s Looking At You”; Mornington Rotary Art Show; Moonee Valley Art Show; Albert Park College Art Show; A4 Contemporary Art Prize.

We caught up with Christine to deep dive into her artist process.


Tell us about something you had to learn to become the artist you are now. Can we see this in this artwork?

When I first began painting my work was rather solid and blocky, almost semi-abstract. Over the past three years I have completed a number of works that have contained some very intricate elements. In this series the detail came though painting teapots, cups and saucers. This work in particular was one of the first with a tea sets

I have refined my paints to a restricted pallet of six colours. I find this helps with keeping all the colours consistent across the series. Also all the colour mixes will match because they come from the same basic colours so there is little problem with jarring combinations.

Image transfer is also something I experimented with in this work. I used the transferred image as a template rather than an actual image, eg the hare was not something I had no experience in drawing so I transferred him and painted over the top.


If this artwork could talk what would it say?

Alice and Hare would be saying – why did you gentrify us?

The original painting had a very wild looking pair – their hair was all over the place and they looked like they would have been more at home in a bar than a tea shop. But that style, although I did like it, did not sit well with all the neat and tidy tea sets, so I had to ‘smooth’ out their rough edges.

Chris aspland through the looking glass

Chris aspland tea with a queen

Stay up to date with Christine’s latest work via her website and Instagram.