September 17, 2018

Artist Spotlight featuring Jessica Harris

Artist Spotlight

ColourSpace artist Jessica Harris shares the way she uses art to express life experience, and what she has learned while becoming an artist. Below you can find examples of her art, and behind the scene shots of Jessica in her studio.

 “My art is always a reaction to something in my life and the content is always metaphorical. Nature to me symbolises a lot of human emotion, so natural elements are always part of my work. I have learned through my children and as a busy working mum that it’s ok to leave a work and come back to it. That taking your time and revisiting the artwork days later, is ok. I never used to be able to do that.”

 “What I have learned to become the artist I am now is to make art for yourself. Paint what you like and hopefully other people will love it too. I get an idea in my head and I just do it. I block out the voices telling me what should be good art and just do what I like.”

“Just another mountain to climb”

(101 x 76)

Jessica in her studio with a work in progress…

You can explore more of Jessica’s art via her Website, or reach out on Facebook, or Instagram

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