January 1, 2019

Artist Spotlight featuring Trum On

Artist Spotlight

If you like pop portraits than this feature is for you and this is an artist you should know. Low and behold, the fabulous Trum On.

Tell us about you…

I’ve always been creative and always did Fine Arts subjects at school but never really knew what I wanted to do with it. I didn’t study Graphic Design or any of those specific courses but instead chose an Interior Decoration & Design course at RMIT Tafe because it was “sort of” creative.

Upon finishing the Associate Diploma for the Interior Decoration & Design course, I realized I wasn’t very good at it. I wasn’t very skilled at being detailed with things. I had the creative eye but I had the creative eye only for drawing. Not for building plans or calculating window measurements etc.

One day I happened to start drawing a portrait and wanted it to be realistic but messed it up.  Instead of throwing the entire piece away, I incorporated it into the drawing and hence my “style” evolved from that moment on.  I would use portrait photographs as inspiration for my pieces, however never aiming to replicate them but more so interpreting them. These pieces were always black and white because it was just easier than using colour at the time.

‘Queen Tiana’

Post-it notes then became my canvas because I didn’t want to spend so much time on big pieces so I started drawing the same style of portraits on these.  All my drawings are initially hand drawn and at a later time, they are eventually transferred to the computer with many hours spent editing and learning basic Photoshop and lately Illustrator on my Wacom tablet.

There were many months of frustration and creative block, until one night I was having dinner with a close friend who set me on the right track with what I wanted to do with my art. This helps me understand how I was going to achieve my goals and then almost like fate, RAW contacted me not long after. Thus begins the journey of trying to having my passion of drawing become my business.

‘Green Gracie’

My work focuses on creating bold yet minimal urban art pieces using ink and digital. My approach combines both realism with abstract and pop art influences. Despite starting off in black and white, now colour infuses my world.

I’m inspired by clean lines and the beauty of simplicity. There is so much complexities and messiness around us that my art doesn’t need to be. There are no hidden agendas in my work; they are aesthetic objects that exist purely for enjoyment. The fusion of colour and form is designed to captivate the eye and sustain its attention.

Princess Isla’

What was the hardest thing about your artistic process?

I like to hand draw all my original work so the hardest thing about my artistic process has been the digital editing process.  Even though I did art subjects in school, I was never exposed to such creative programs like Photoshop or Illustrator.  So there has been many YouTube googling, emails & text messages to friends and A LOT of frustrations.  Something simple and basic is a struggle sometimes because I know what I need to do but I don’t know what functions I need to do.  So this becomes very a very time-consuming process.

Keep up to date with Trum’s latest work via her Instagram and Facebook page.

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