PEXA Sydney

Nicholas Robinson

ColourSpace   PEXA Sydney   Washed Up

Washed Up
Oil on canvas

Washed Up is an oil painting from a series of work that explores elements of self-portraiture interacting with imaginative space while also embracing a spontaneous approach to allow the images to develop and change as the process of painting carries out. I wanted to also be a witness to the emergence of the images in this series and watch as they evolved into physical form once the initial concept of the work had been developed.”

ColourSpace   PEXA Sydney   Exclave (Imagined) 01

Exclave (Imagined) 01
Oil on canvas

““Exclave (Imagined) 01” is an oil painting in a series of work that explores the creation of an imaginative space based on memories from past experiences. This series began from en plein air studies of the “Scenic Rim” which is a series of mountain ranges bordering New South Wales & Queensland. I drew inspiration from the colours of the dry, drought-ridden landscape but also wished to convey a sense of hope by conveying a feeling of beauty.”

Geraldine Kafer

ColourSpace   PEXA Sydney   The Boulders

The Boulders
Acrylic/Conti on Paper

“The richness of colour in the bolders with the fluro leaves just pops the painting.”

ColourSpace   PEXA Sydney   Atherton Tablelands

Atherton Tablelands
Acrylic on canvas

“This is what the Atherton Tablelands looks like in May, the Sharp edges of the mountains with the vibrant bursts of colour that softens it. Mostly created with my old credit card.”

ColourSpace   PEXA Sydney   Field of Dreams

Field Of Dreams
Acrylic on canvas

“In creating Field of Dreams I chose to do it with mostly an old credit card, the freedom it gave me was amazing. When I look at this painting it relaxes me and makes me feel calm.”

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