Creating a better healing environment at Liverpool Hospital - First Exhibition, June 2020

16 June 2020
Art on Display

A rare opportunity to be able to help hospitals heal with art, whilst also supporting local
artist communities. We’re incredibly excited to share the pilot of this program with the

We would like to acknowledge the Cabrogal Clan of the Darug Nation who are the traditional custodians of the land that now resides within Liverpool City Council’s boundaries. We acknowledge that this land was also accessed by peoples of the Dhurawal and Darug Nations.

It’s done! The first collection of artwork at Liverpool Hospital in NSW is now on display! 6 local artists, 21 pieces of artwork, on display in and around the Mental Health Ward and Children’s Ward. Well done to Jamie Eastwood, Reena Naidu, Robyn McMullan, Shanon Bradburn, Lucie Mammone, and Murray Wilson.

We’re ecstatic that throughout the lockdown, we’ve had the opportunity to undertake projects like this; to enrich a space of healing, to support those in healthcare, and to create opportunities for local artists. The initial responses have been fantastic, with lots of engagement from staff, visitors, and patients alike!

We are grateful to Liverpool Hospital, the South Western Sydney Local Health District, Liverpool City Council, and Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre to make this happen

We want to acknowledge the incredible work that Miriam Cabello has done to lead the project over the past six months. She developed and maintained effective relationships with a diverse range of agencies and stakeholders that made this possible, and deserves so much of the credit (including for the photos below).

Seagulls In The City Series

Video walkthrough

Jamie Eastwood

Hi, my name is Jamie Eastwood I have been studying art for almost 30 years. I considered large-scale public works of art, touring art exhibitions, teaching workshops, and exhibiting in major galleries as my practice. My art-style is to combine traditional and non-traditional colors and imagery which I think is also my way of telling my story as an Aboriginal artist. I chose to paint in this way as a means of visually reconciling the audience and as an affirmation of my people and my identity.

In the Presence of Aboriginality

I look to the ground, feeling Mother Earth beneath my bare feet and, in visualize soil stratification of thousands of years of local and contemporary aboriginal tribal history. I smell the freshness of the Gorges river and its lured connection - its meaning of existence dreamtime spirituality I hear the local bird life squawk dancing in the sky above performing an aerial corroboree. I think to myself this is Liverpool’s history showing to me, in a disguise what reconciliation between nature and its people shared could be. If only we all took the time to use our senses - LISTENED – SMELL – FEEL – TASTE – and – SEE.

Georges River (Gulaga River in Aboriginal Language)

Georges River you have looked after my people for thousands of centuries, and have provided for these peoples in your rich abundance. You have been home for the Gandangara people of greater South Western Sydney, The Darug, The Gadidgal and Dharawal, The Cabrogal, and Tharawal Aboriginal people in your custodian. Georges River you are now home to many tribes of many different nationalities and still flow with your ancient cultural majesty. Georges River please let me tell you we still care for your beauty and natural harmony and it is with our oath, our honour, and modern-day responsibility to protect you for without your watery lifeblood we would not be.

Robyn McMullan

I’m from a small southerly city called Dunedin, New Zealand, my partner and I moved to Sydney in 2001 and we have lived in Sydney ever since with our Jack Russell X ever since. I studied Fine Art majoring in printmaking but continued to paint all my life. My work is always based in nature, I paint in watercolour, and acrylics mainly but incorporate mixed media.

The Creek in Foxgrounds

Evening Light Bendeela

Hidden Creek in Morning Light

Upstream Foxgrounds, NSW

Heading home from a camping trip we took a detour, stumbling upon Fox Grounds - intrigued we decided to explore. As we met the foothills the road began to wind becoming steeper at every corner and our old van struggled in 2nd gear. Deciding at this point to reverse into a spot on the roadside to let the van cool down, we headed off for a walk and found a glade where moss-covered rocks were tumbling down the hillside and a spring trickling between them. I love the hidden magic, tranquil places not so obvious which bring joy.

Reena Naidu

Sydney-based Artist Reena Naidu graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts from National Art School, Sydney. Her works often depict landscapes which express mood and explore the ideas of time, place and movement. Her subjects include landscapes, seascapes, portraits and cultural pattern art. Using watercolor and ink on handmade tapa cloth (bark cloth), Reena’s focus has been on the sea for much of her work, which she has exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions within Australia.

‘In The Moment’ At La Perouse
Mixed Media - Ink, Watercolour, Acrylic On Masi (bark Cloth)

‘In the moment’ at La Perouse was painted from an area located at La Perouse in Sydney. Using ink, watercolour and acrylic paint this work is painted on traditional bark cloth which was handmade by the locals in Fiji. Inspired by the ocean and atmospheric landscape the work expresses and communicates mood.

Sun Over the Mountains
Ink on Masi (Bark Cloth)

Using patterns and motifs in oceanic art and inspired by the sun and mountains this image was free hand-painted with ink on handmade Masi (Bark Cloth). The circular images represent the sun and the bold lines represent the mountains.

Ink on Masi (Bark Cloth)

This work was hand-painted with Ink on handmade Masi (Bark Cloth) using patterns and motifs inspired by oceanic art and the landscape. ’Turtle’ explores the themes of identity and life. The ocean is symbolic and represents the power, strength, mystery, hope, and truth of life and the turtle represents us, our individual journey across the sea.

Shanon Bradburn

I am a Sydney based artist, currently working exclusively with the subjects clouds and light. Throughout my work the most important element is by far documenting the everyday. Extraordinary moments are found in the most mundane of ventures from children dancing in the rain to the way the way the sunsets after a long day, for me its in noticing these moments of purity the ordinary becomes truly extraordinary. My works are held in many private and public collections both Australia and overseas.

Take Off
Oil on canvas

This artwork is a large statement piece. With its limited colour palette, the focus is on the light. The way the sun illuminates the clouds as they disperse and reform.

Elegant and Bold
Oil on canvas

Using a variety of thin subtle layers of paint and thick bold brush strokes, this highly textured work explores the ever-changing dynamics of a single moment and the layers within them.

Murray Wilson

I am an avid amateur landscape photographer. I love our beautiful natural landscapes and capturing precious moments in time. I love being out and about in the great outdoors, regardless of whether it is hot, cold or in between! When out on a shoot, I absolutely immerse myself in the environment and the moment, visualising, waiting, observing, climbing, wading, whatever it takes.

Giclée fine art print
$690 unframed, $940 framed

Tranquil Waters. There is nothing quite as tranquil as running water flowing through a stream within our beautiful Australian landscape. The whispy movement of the water captured in this image brings peace and calmness to the viewer.

Kentlyn Basin NSW.
Kentlyn Basin located within the Upper Georges River is a hidden gem! The stunning colours of the sandstone, the endemic vegetation, and the calming flow of the waterfall captures the essence of the Australian bush at our doorstep.

We Stand Together.
Three pillars stand together - representing resilience, strength, and support in this most idyllic location.

Lucie Mammone

Illustrator of foxes and colourful characters. I love combining colour pencil and digital painting together to create storybook worlds and bring vivid characters to life. Influences include comics, animation, and nature. Based in South-West Sydney you can normally find me selling my artwork locally at comic conventions and art and craft markets.

Colour Pencil and Digital Artwork
$150 unframed open edition, $350 framed

Fox And Cub. Curled up safe in a fox’s den. Looking down into the forest den, we get to witness a tender moment shared between a mama fox and her cub. It emanates warmth and love, showing the close bond between them. Foxes are such wild, curious and enigmatic creatures. My foxes have taken on a life of their own in my works, and have an otherworldly quality. Their white paws (ghost paws) show they are not quite like other woodland foxes, and I’m enjoying finding their story as I keep drawing them.

Lift Off. A joyful, uplifting piece of this elephant holding his balloon, and taking flight. I created this piece for an illustration challenge group. The prompt was ‘Lift Off’, and I wanted to capture the transformative feeling of something so heavy, becoming light and able to fly. This was one of my earlier pieces from the group, and he’s brought a smile to so many people for his spirit, not just elephant lovers.

Night Song.
Night Song is a great Barn Owl. Wise, swift and silent, he touches down to survey the landscape at night. Owls are my favourite bird, a bird with personality and presence. I was particularly drawn to depictions of wise, eccentric owls in animated films when I was a child. Always been Seeing them in action always feels like a privilege. This guy started a sketch study for another piece, but I returned to it and turned him into his own work of art.

Unicorn, Nightstroll.
Unicorns are not just a fantastical embodiment of beauty and grace, they also have the ability to purify water. Her watery mane replenishes and purifies the streams as she takes an evening stroll. I’ve been asked to draw unicorns quite a few times. Mythical creatures are always a pleasure to draw and research, and I enjoy bringing something a little different to them.

The Reindeer.
The Reindeer stands tall and proud on a clear, serene night, in the wilds of a North Pole forest. Reindeers don’t always have to just be for Christmas, and while I created this piece around Christmas time a few years back, I also wanted to make you feel like you were out in nature, coming across one of these majestic creatures.

Watch this space for more to come! Artists, if you’re keen to submit your works for the next collection, you can do so here.

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