November 27, 2017

Demi-Oh: A cross-disciplinary artist with a passion for the cute & the creepy

Artist Spotlight

Demi Orfanidis’ work portrays colourful characters taken from the depths of her imagination. She offers this to us through digital designs and watercolour works. Most of her pieces start simply with wanting to draw something cute, or wanting to draw something creepy based on how she is feeling at the time. Her love of these cute and creepy characters goes back to the characters she loved dearly as a child. Lately, she’s been experimenting with themes of water and the sky, and the floating sensation we associate with them.


Awaken – Demi Orfanidis

From Digital to Watercolour

Initially Demi worked with digital processes, before moving to working with watercolours. She now crosses between the two. Watercolours give her the ability to replicate texture in her digital work. It is a challenge though – the charming effect of the bleeding paint mixing with the rough texture of the paper is something she is still focussed on mastering. Digital media can be a cleaner and faster medium to work with as there is no fear of making mistakes. However, it lacks the charm that comes with watercolours. This ‘charm’ is something that really resonates with people, and often viewers will appreciate a physical painting over a digital print. Still, Demi recommends that any artist who hasn’t yet worked with digital processes should definitely do so. Innovations such as touchscreens make it easier now more than ever to get great results. The opportunities these technologies provide are almost endless. 




Her Artistic Goals 

As for what the future holds, Demi thinks back to what influenced her as a child, and the characters she held dear. She would love one day, for some of her characters to become part of the lives of the next generation of children, that they might become beloved memories themselves, or even go on to inspire the next generation of creatives!


You can see a full portfolio of her works on her website or her recently opened Etsy store. To keep up to date, you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Would you like to be featured by ColourSpace? Email us today:

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