Revolver Lane is one of Melbourne’s most unique workspaces, housing over 150 tenants across 25 private offices. As a special service to their community, the team built an in-house art gallery, dedicated to igniting creativity, inspiration among and to support local artists. We’re delighted to have been invited in.

For the first time, Revolver Lane will be collaborating with ColourSpace to bring art into unconventional places. Their first exhibition will feature 13 sculptures by Melbourne artist Milos Pelikan as part of an ongoing body of work that delves into identity in the digital age and the impact of our virtual footprint.

If you’re free on October 11th at 6 pm, please join us at Chapel St, Prahran for the opening night. 


These early works explore ideas associated with the construction of identity as a very human practice. These works explore this practice in the context of the explosion of digital platforms that exploit identity.


Construction #1 (Left)

On the Shoulders of Giants


Construction #2 (Middle)

Steampunk protractor


Construction #3 (Right)

Tron Should Be So Lucky




These works are a reflection on the mask as a symbol of the identity of self and tribe. They are a comment on this cross-cultural symbol of self and belonging.


Identity #1 - Fan or Fame (Left)          $1,150

Identity #2 - You Are What You Consume (2nd from Left)          $1,150

Identity #3 - Difference is Relative (Middle)          $1,150

Identity #4 - Your Virtual Footprint (2nd from Right)          $1,150

Identity #5 - Where Are You Now? (Right)          $1,150



The work “Identity – what face do you show” was part of the original mask series. The three totems reflect back to my childhood in PNG – totems are symbolic representation instilled with personality and power. These works use that symbology with reference to three near-iconic representation of the digital age – email, selfies and status posts. The final work from a series called “Pods” explored ideas around anticipation and unrealized potential that environment, nurturing and context is as important as intrinsic talent and that “growing” is an activity over time.

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Identity – What Face Do You Show          $2,000
Identity – What Face Do You Show $2,000
TOTEMS #1,#2 and #3. Totem #1 – Spirit of Spam Email (Left) $1,200
Totem #2 – Spirit of the Perfect Selfie (back) $1,200
Totem #3 – Spirit of the Viral Status Post $1,200
Pod #1 – Unrealised Potential $990

If you would like to find out more about Pelikan, check out our latest interview where he explains his artistic process.

For any purchase enquiries for the pieces above, please email [email protected]. And if you want to bring fresh art into your office and transform your space, or know someone who might, please contact us today on [email protected] for a free on-site consultation. 

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