September 16, 2018

Artist Spotlight featuring Tiffany Blaise

Artist Spotlight

Tiffany Blaise is a contemporary landscape painter, capturing emotionally charged landscapes on canvas. We were lucky enough to touch base with Tiffany and find out a little more about her artistic practice. Check out how Tiffany explores the themes of movement, introspection and transformation throughout her artwork.

ColourSpace: Some people say that every artwork you make is in some way a self-portrait. How is this piece a portrait of you?

Tiffany: My artwork portrays my emotions and moods at the moment I’m creating it, which is why I use a lot of gesture and bold colour. This particular wave painting “Chesterman” channels the energy and movement I was feeling before a big life change!



How have you changed as an artist over the past 2-3 years? What are you making now that you wouldn’t (or couldn’t) have made before?

Over the past two years I have started taking a lot more risks with my artwork and techniques used. In the past, I stuck took a more traditional approach with oil paint on canvas but now I’m making work with a lot of texture and color and mixing materials more than I ever have before to see what kind of surprising and exciting results I am able to achieve!

Tell us about something you had to learn to become the artist you are now. Can we see this in this artwork?

I had to learn to let my intuition and emotions guide me in order to make more work stronger and more evocative. I think you can see this more in my recent gestural landscape paintings where remnants of initial thoughts can be identified in ink strokes and other markings revealed through the layers. These pieces challenge us to reflect on personal experiences and seek the balance between calm and chaos in nature and in our own minds.




Here are some of Tiffany’s other works and exhibitions…

Tiffany Blaise - Work In Progress
Tiffany Blaise - Wave Paintings

You can connect with Tiffany and fine out more about her artwork via her website and Instagram page.

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