October 26, 2018

More art SOLD to Nous House Melbourne

Art on Display

This time last month, we helped our artists sell artwork into a corporate private collection in Melbourne: Nous House! 6 pieces entered their collection from Michele Luminato’s Hope series.

Michele Luminato is a Melbourne-based artist who mainly works with abstract paintings.

“Think differently. Challenge the status quo!”. This is the personal mantra of American-born Michele Luminato, it is one that inspires her to constantly make a difference for herself, her family, and the people she loves.

One of the biggest risks taken by Luminato in her life has been to follow her heart. Following a family tragedy, she turned to painting, a full-time passion that has helped to heal her soul and turn heart ache into blessing.

Interesting in filling your space with amazing local artwork? Get in touch with us today on info@cs.gallery.

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